• Our focus is to invest in the UK's best early stage digital media and tech businesses
  • Our team has worked in the digital space for most of their careers. We invest in what we understand and add value beyond just the funding
  • Our specialist focus attracts the best digital media and tech entrepreneurs and ensures strong deal-flow
  • Our culture is collaborative so we seek co-invest partners from other VCs and Angels to ensure great deal-flow and a stronger funding base for our portfolio businesses
  • Our goal is to generate attractive capital returns for our partners and investors through active management
For Investors

Building on the momentum gained from the ASCEND Fund's I & II, Ascension Ventures is offering investors an opportunity to invest in a Seed EIS fund, offering a diversified portfolio of companies operating in the compelling digital media & tech sectors.  For information on the new ASCEND SEIS Digital Media Fund III...More »

For Entrepreneurs

We look at investment opportunities through the eyes of entrepreneurs as much as venture capitalists.  We invest the time to understand the opportunity, the resources available and the gaps that need to be filled and help our investee companies plan a route to achieving success...More »


From our ASCEND Fund's I & II, Ascension Ventures has assembled a diversified portfolio of companies from the digital media and tech sectors which offer potential for high growth and returns for investors...More »

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