16th August 2016 Ascension Team

Business Founder with a big Idea? Thinking about pitching to Ascension Ventures? Read on.

If you know someone who knows us, have them recommend you to one of our team members. If we do not have a mutual contact, then send us an intro email to info@ascensionventures.com. All mails will be read and considered (eventually), but a warm recommendation will be given the attention that may otherwise go missing.

Subject: name of your business and a tag line that is no longer than 75 characters (see our portfolio section for the types of tag lines we are looking for).

Body: one paragraph that explains the problem that you are solving, and why no-one else is/or can do what you are doing. Your target raise (in £GBP), and whether you are currently SEIS compliant (this is not a deal breaker).

Attachment: Your SLIDE DECK

Be concise – remember that less is often more. Your slide deck should cover most of the following points:
1: Vision and value proposition
2: The problem
3: Target Market and opportunity
4: The solution
5: Revenue model
6: Traction and validation/roadmap
7: Marketing and sales strategy
8: Team
9: Financials
10: Competition
11: Investment and use of funds

If we like what we see, we will be in touch. We hold regular office hours for new businesses at our London and Birmingham offices, and if neither of these are convenient then a Skype call works just as well.

This is where we get serious, and you can start to get excited. Discussion over valuation, terms, and structuring, followed by a written term sheet.

Once we have confirmed that we are on the same page over valuation and terms, the fun begins with our due diligence: reference checks, customer calls, market analysis, code review etc.

When we have a green light, it’s over to the lawyers.

We’re very excited to look at businesses in the following sectors: online video, SaaS & Ecommerce, edtech, games, adtech, music & eventtech, & social enterprise. See our portfolio section for the types of businesses we have previously invested in.

We have made exceptions before and fully expect to again, but by definition, exceptions are rare, and so if your business does not fall inside our sweet-spot then your business is less likely to grab our attention.

If you want to find out more about what we offer please get in touch

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