5th March 2018 Ascension Team

Anon AI is helping companies get ready for new GDPR laws in May

With GDPR just being months away, this startup aims to solve one of the biggest hurdles to being compliant with the new regulations.

Anon AI automates data anonymisation

Whether you’re a researcher at a university or working at a big conglomerate, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with sensitive data. But if you want to share this data securely, it can be a time-consuming endeavour to anonymise it. In fact, some companies have people employed full time to deal with these issues. Fortunately, Anon AI is aiming to solve this issue once and for all.

Using AI, the startup’s technology aims to make the process of anonymising data more effective. All you’ll have to do is to express your intentions and the system takes care of the rest.

And the technology couldn’t have come at a better time: not only have high-profile hacks like the WannaCry ransomware attack last year made more businesses focus more on cybersecurity but the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also means that everyone from SMEs to huge corporates is taking a closer look at how they store data and protect consumers’ identities.

Given the need for its services, it’s hardly surprising that Anon AI has drawn considerable investments despite having only launched in January 2017. For instance, CyLon, the cybersecurity accelerator, invested £15,000 in March last year. And in January 2018, Anon AI raised an additional £340,000 in pre-Seed funding from the UCL Technology Fund, the London Co-Invested Fund, AI Seed and Ascension Ventures.

Commenting on this latest round, Harry Keen, CEO and co-founder of Anon AI, said: “This investment will enable us to create a tool that addresses one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today: avoiding the potentially catastrophic consequences of a data breach, while tapping into a vast source of opportunity.”

With so many businesses getting ready for GDPR, we’re betting that Anon AI won’t run out of customers any time soon.

Source: Elite Business Magazine

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