If you like music, today is your lucky day because the subject of our review today is CloudBouce, a music enhancement company which is having an airdrop soon.

What Is CloudBounce?

CloudBounce is a company which developed a mastering tool for music. By using the tool created by this company, you will be able to remaster your songs and make their audio considerably clearer and better.

Now CloudBounce has decided to create an open source project called dBounce. This project will be just like the original one, but it will be open to the community. The company is already launching a new cryptocurrency which will be used in this project.

The co-founders of this company are Anssi Uimonen (CEO) and Pekka Jääskeläinen (CTO), which had years of experience in the music industry before they decided to initiate this company.

CloudBounce already has many investors from the United Kingdom and Finland. These investors are the Finnish government funding agency Tekes, Ascension Ventures, Dave Hodder, Niko Punin and Noveltech Audio.

How Does CloudBounce Decentralized AI Audio Blockchain Work?

CloudBounce is a software which you can use to remaster your own songs and give them a better quality. You can pay for the service everytime that you use it or buy a monthly or yearly subscription.

The company is concerned with giving the best audio for its users, so it is constantly updating its software to create a tool which can help musicians who really want to sound professional and commercialize their products with high quality. CloudBounce uses a new machine listening technology which processes the audio and finds the spots in which the audio is bad and corrects it.

CloudBounce was so successful after its launch in 2016 that the company decided to create dBounce. This will be an open network for the production of AI tools to be used on audio. This can become a great solution for people who are looking for apps which can make their songs better.

This community will be powered by a new cryptocurrency token designed by the company, the DB tokens. These will be ERC20 Ethereum tokens which will use smart contracts, which will let all the users be safe in their transactions. dBounce will be a community in which all will be able to cooperate to make a better AI which will help everybody.

The platform will be used both on desktop computers and smartphones and its API will be available so people would be able to optimize their audio anywhere.

How To Invest In CloudBounce dBounce ICO Details

If you are interested in this new platform and you do not want to be left out of the investment phase, you can always invest in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the company. The private sale will happen on April 5 and 600,000,000 DB tokens will be available. The official price per token is 30,583 DB for 1 ETH, but you might get discounts during the private sale (in which you have to be whitelisted to participate).

The main sale will happen during the second quarter of 2018 but it still does not have an official date. A total of 1,000,000,000 DB tokens will be available during this sale.

CloudBounce Verdict

Is CloudBounce a great investment for you? It surely can be and here is why: this company is already successful. Even before it decided to create the dBounce platform, CloudBounce was already a very successful platform which was carving its place in the market. This considerably improves the chances of this new cryptocurrency platform being a good option.

On the other hand, the company definitely has more experience with music than with the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain technology, so there is the chance that this company might not be as successful as we believe that it might be and you have to take this into consideration while you are investing in this company.

Take your time and weight very well the pros and cons of CloudBounce. This company offers a very interesting service for musicians and music lovers, but it does have a small chance of not succeeding, so try to discover everything that you can before you make your final decision. You do have a lot of time to spare until the sale, in any case, so use this time well.

This was one of 12 SEIS investments that Ascension Ventures made in 2017 as part of its ASCEND SEIS FUND III. SEIS and EIS investing in Ascension’s ASCEND SEIS fund or CENTAUR EIS funds offers the opportunity for investors to be exposed to a diversified portfolio of high growth businesses. EIS and SEIS investments are tax efficient as they offer income tax relief, capital gains tax relief and loss relief should the investments fail.