29th March 2018 Ascension Team

Congratulations to Vidsy, who will be working with Twitter as one of 5 Official “Creative Solutions Partners” globally.

Source: Twitter.com

Today, Ascend SEIS II business Vidsy, has joined forces with Twitter as an Official Partner

Brands turn to Twitter to connect directly with their audiences around the world. To stand out from the crowd and develop meaningful customer relationships, marketers need clear, fresh, and memorable content that performs at scale.

Today twitter has added six partners to the Twitter Official Partner program to address this challenge. Each provider offers a unique solution that expands the advertisers’ toolset and delivers high-quality creative for brands on Twitter.

Curalate helps brands sell more effectively online by getting more out of their content and audiences on Twitter. By improving the click-through experience, their software ensures that brands get the most value out of their “thumb-stopping” content on Twitter.

Jebbit creates interactive content experiences built to amplify any advertiser’s message, cause, project, or brand – transforming user attention and engagement into actionable data.

VidMob is a creative platform that connects marketers with a global network of expert video creators, animators, and motion graphics designers who develop high performance video communications at scale.

Vidsy offers a sustainable, long-term and agile content solution for brands to produce quality video advertising in an ever-changing mobile world.

Marketers around the world use Animoto to turn content they already have into high-performing videos that stand out in a video-first world. Videos can be created from scratch, or using pre-built storyboards specially designed for reach and engagement on social media.

Social Native‘s content platform creates consumer generated content on demand, that’s cost-efficient and high quality, and paired with a world of data to help inform media buying decisions.

Advertiser demand for an expanded content toolset lead us to focus our 2017 #Promote Innovation Challenge around Creative products and services. It was through #Promote that we learned which partners were delivering truly innovative solutions that added real value for marketers.

Twitter thinks of our partner ecosystem as an extension of our own team and we’re excited to continue collaborating to make marketing better on Twitter. If you’re an advertiser interested in working with a partner, you can find the best partner for your business needs at our Twitter Official Partner hub. If you’re a solutions provider interested in integrating with the Twitter Ads API,


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