7th August 2018 Ascension Team

Albert is Taking Over The UK With Automated, Bank-Powered Bookkeeping!

Source: Albert’s Blog

Since the beginning of the year Albert has achieved rather a lot for an app that’s only been going for a couple of years. Whilst we might not have reached global domination yet, we’re certainly working well on taking over the UK. We’ve raised nearly £1.25 million in seed funding, become the highest rated finance app in the UK with close to 3,000 five star ratings, and hired three talented new people. And that’s not even counting the launch of our paid tier or connection to all major UK banks, allowing users to see all their finances in one place. Turns out taking over the world is hard work.

So where to start with all these amazing developments? Well to start at the beginning (a very good place to start, as someone once said), Albert is enabling users to connect to their bank accounts with Albert, letting them see all their financial data in one place. Hurrah!

Following a pilot with Starling Bank in December 2017, we are opening up our automated bookkeeping app to connect with all major UK bank accounts. It allows our users, to automate their bookkeeping on top of their current bank accounts. This includes invoice payment tracking and automatic expense filing. All in all, pretty handy for all those people people who work for themselves. We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to bring these benefits to the solo self-employed of Britain, especially given that they contributed £271bn to the UK economy last year (enough to fund the NHS twice over!). We kind of think you guys deserve something that will make life a little easier.

Then in May of this year, we closed our second seed funding round of £1.25m, led by top VC Mangrove Capital. Albert was supported by lots of friendly faces with existing investors as well as some equally friendly new ones. Albert board member and Mangrove partner Michael Jackson commented: “We are excited to accelerate our journey with the Albert team. The solo self-employed space is dynamic with many new opportunities, especially enabled by changes in the banking landscape. The Albert team has shown a very advanced understanding of this and the ability to take it further.” We think that’s his way of saying he’s really happy about how far we’ve come and that we’re going to keep smashing it.

We also welcomed some delightful new people to the Albert team. They are all suitably geeky and have different specialisms for the pub quiz, so we think they’ll fit in just fine. Joining Albert are Ka-Mei our new design guru, Lucy a master of marketing and Rob an engineering ninja.

Overall, we’ve had a pretty great year so far. We can’t wait to continue the financial revolution and help more people live out their dreams. As long as their dreams are around working for themselves. Unfortunately, we can’t help with other types of dreams just yet.

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