28th December 2016 Ascension Team

Ascension backs audio processing masters: CloudBounce

Ascension Ventures is pleased to announce its investment from the ASCEND SEIS Fund III into music start-up CloudBounce, an instant digital audio mastering service.

CloudBounce helps musicians and audio content creators sound better during the creative process, providing the user with an invaluable tool for instant feedback on an audio track.  Its modular audio processing engine can be modified for every use case, including song mastering and enhancement, audio processing for mobile video, and adding effects to voice messages.  The (artificially) intelligent machine, unlike Shazam or Echo Digital Audio, makes processing decisions based on context, therefore delivering the most relevant mastering; mastering Pucci’s ‘Tosca’ requires very different enhancing to Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’.

Anssi Uimonen, founder and CEO of CloudBounce commented:

Since launching the first version of our intelligent mastering service in January 2016, we have seen pretty good growth, especially in the amateur musician segment.  During the past 10 months, we have validated the definitive need for high quality, fast and affordable solution for online mastering in the global market.  Along with this, we secured our first deep integration with a notable Digital Audio Workstation software company, Tracktion, and now have multiple partners already integrating the mastering API into their own services.  We clicked with Ascension on the very first day we met and are delighted they are on board as investors; they get what we’re doing!”

CloudBounce’s recent partnerships were formed around the need for mastering, coming from multiple areas of music.  If you are within the creative process, you can master during the mix directly via the Tracktion T7 digital audio workstation.  When you are making your next music video, you will soon have the ability to master during the video creation process on Rotor (another Ascension Ventures portfolio business).  Similarly, when you are publishing or sending out a demo, you can soon master with Demobox and Mixnauten.  Or, if you just want to be discovered and sell your tunes, you will have the platform to master files before publishing them on Orfium.  As Chris Mohoney, CEO of Orfium, puts it, “Well mastered music gets played more, shared more, and purchased more.  All music by any serious artist should be mastered before uploading to Orfium.”

Kieran Hill, COO at Ascension Ventures commented:

“I was hugely impressed by CloudBounce’s vision from the moment I met the team during the Abbey Road incubator programme. Their audio processing engine is more than just a music mastering service; it has the potential to be the go-to-technology for any audio enhancement purpose. Along with this, the company has been smart with the partners it has chosen to launch the service, which includes another Ascension portfolio business, Rotor. In the Music tech space, there are multiple startups offering complementary services throughout the music supply chain, many with different audiences and users. By partnering and leveraging each other’s user bases, they can witness strong growth very quickly. He added, We’re delighted to be investing in CloudBounce and look forward to them partnering with the other music tech companies in our portfolio.”

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